Strategic Visioning

An organization cannot succeed unless members at all levels buy into its mission and purpose. When workers are not clear or passionate about the greater organizational vision and purpose, and their own roles in achieving that, performance suffers. Tracy Wallach helps work groups within organizations, as well as the whole organization as a system, to achieve greater clarity about group vision purpose, and goals and to devise strategies to reach their desired future.


  • Custom Designed Retreat and Planning Processes for Single and Multiple Stakeholders
  • Future Search


A church experiencing exponential growth needed help envisioning the future they wanted so that they could bring it into being.


Working with an associate, Tracy took the congregation through the process of exploring the past, examining current trends, creating a shared vision, and devising action steps to take them there.

Participants left the conference with energy and commitment to implement their action plans.

Using the same methodology, Tracy and other associates helped a region of churches resolve an important decision about their future. Having struggled for many months with an enduring conflict, the group made a decision and organized planning teams to implement their decision.

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