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for Change

Leadership for Change is my core leadership development program for leaders and aspiring leaders. It's a stand-alone “course” for individuals who want to develop the resilience, emotional intelligence, and relational skills required for leadership today. The program combines go at your own pace asynchronous study with collaborative learning. Each module includes mindfulness practice, video lectures, readings, and hands-on exercises

For entire organizations, the program is adapted to meet the organization's needs. Supplemental coaching may be offered for

  • Individual leaders

  • Intact work teams

  • Groups of leaders within the organization, in similar roles, but different departments

  • Executive teams

 Program overview

Module 1:
Introductions to each other and to the coaching model

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In this module, we will get to know each other, and I will introduce you to systems thinking, and the model of coaching I am using (Analytic-Network, or Eco-Leadership coaching hyperlink to Analytic-Network Coaching video). I will also introduce you to mindfulness practice as a leadership tool.

  • What is Analytic-Network or Eco-Leadership coaching? 

  • Introduction to mindfulness and meditation and its connection with leadership

  • Begin to build community: introduce selves

  • Introduction to systems thinking

In this module, you will be given a number of exercises to help you:

  • Identify your key values

  • Explore your true desire and purpose

  • Investigate your multiple identities

  • Discover and work from your authentic self

Module 2:
Focus on Self

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Module 3:
Focus on Relationships

In this module we will:

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  • Focus on small teams/groups, families, and friends, including distant and virtual relationships.

  • Examine relational patterns from the past and how they impact present relationships.

Module 4:
Focus on Leadership

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In this module, we will explore different approaches to leadership over the past century (described as leadership discourses). We will:

  • Explore how you exercise both leadership and active followership

  • Examine how you take up and react to authority and power and how you influence others. 

  • Identify your leadership preferences

  • Address how leadership can be distributed, and how to enable leadership to flourish throughout your team and organization. 

In this module, I will guide you through an exercise to help you consider your network, so that you can:

Module 5: Focus on Networks

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  • Visualize where power and resources lie, where strong and weak connections are, and how change takes place. 

  • Identify possible opportunities for influence and change, where you may have previously felt stuck.

Module 6: Focus on Strategy

In this module, we will review what you’ve learned about yourself, your systems and networks and focus on a personal strategy as well as one for your network and workplace. You’ll also be invited to schedule a one-on-one coaching session with me, to figure out your next steps. You will:

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  • Evaluate what’s working or not working,

  • Identify what is important to hold on to or let go of, and build on success.

  • Explore developmental gaps and how you might work on these

  • Focus on what strategic changes are needed in the workplace.

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