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I believe that leadership can come from anywhere in an organization.

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I believe that leadership can come from anywhere in an organization.

I’m a leadership advisor, educator, and coach. I started my career over thirty years ago as a social worker and psychotherapist. My work in both group therapy and social work inspired me to learn more about system and group dynamics, eventually leading me to a program for therapists interested in organizational dynamics consultancy. 


When a colleague asked me to help her teach a course on group dynamics, I fell in love with teaching and have been teaching people how to be leaders ever since.


Who I serve

I work with individuals, groups and organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors and tailor my practice to enable you to be the most impactful leader possible. My rigorous coaching and training programs are for people who want to make the world (or at least their corner of it) a better place, and who wish to build a network of people who are passionate, ethical and committed to personal and organizational growth.


Creating change requires resilience, emotional intelligence, and relational skill. My programs will give you the tools to create a workplace that is joyful, ethical, and functional where everyone feels heard. Conflict in any organization is inevitable, but toxicity is not. If you are a social justice non-profit organization interested in my services, please contact me for special rates. 


  • Discover and develop shared vision and purpose

  • Assess and build upon strengths

  • Work productively with differences and conflict

  • Surface and examine dysfunctional assumptions and covert dynamics

  • Share responsibility for addressing adaptive challenges and developing sustainable solutions

  • Engage meaningfully with each other and the larger community

  • Learn mindfulness techniques to develop reflective capacity, manage stress, and avoid burnout 


My approach draws from Systems Psychodynamic thinking (also known as Group Relations), Eco-Leadership, Adaptive Leadership, Immunity to Change models, and Mindfulness (MBSR) practice. You will develop both self-awareness and systems awareness, i.e. how parts of a system impact each other and the people in it. I design my courses and coaching programs to help you and your organization:


What I do


Professional Affiliations

and Networks

I am affiliated with a number of professional networks from which I can invite partners for larger scale projects.

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