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I believe that leadership can come from anywhere in an organization.

As a leadership advisor, educator, and facilitator, I work with leaders at all levels to build ethical and joyful workplaces, where all members find meaning and purpose.


The capacity to reflect on oneself and one’s context is a basic building block for organizational learning and transformation.

My consultancy focuses on:

Building self-awareness and systems awareness (how different parts of the system impact each other and the individual). 


I bring a deep understanding of human behavior, informed by 30 years of facilitating change in individuals, groups, and organizations. A life-long learner, I began my career as a clinical social worker, then expanded into organizational development consulting, and then teaching.


Recently, I have begun to incorporate Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction into my consulting work. What all these approaches share is a focus on self-reflection and awareness as the key to change. I design and facilitate processes that help individuals, groups/teams, and organizations:

  • Discover and develop their shared vision and purpose

  • Assess and build upon their strengths

  • Work productively with differences and conflict

  • Surface and examine dysfunctional assumptions and covert dynamics

  • Share responsibility for addressing adaptive challenges and developing sustainable solutions

  • Engage meaningfully with each other and the larger community

Professional Affiliations

and Networks

I am affiliated with a number of professional networks from which I can invite partners for larger scale projects.





Who I serve

I work with public, not-for-profit, and corporate organizations.


If you are a social justice organization that is interested in the services I provide, please contact me about special rates.

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“Enterprise Information Resources is a growing software company. I was looking for additional ways to communicate to my management team on what my expectations are as we continue expanding in the marketplace. The end goal was to brainstorm and enhance an already established communication skills between departments. Tracy designed, organized, and facilitated a management retreat for that purpose. It was an outstanding success. I heard from my Managers, (team leaders), that this was the most helpful one-day meeting they had ever attended. It translated into management working even better together, being clearer and more supportive of each other’s roles. Working as a team is very important to us, and everyone was impressed on how Tracy was able to build on what we thought was strong. Tracy is a brilliant facilitator and organization consultant. I value her perspective on the many group dynamics issues I face as President of a growing organization serving large Fortune 500 customers.”

France Lampron

President, Enterprise Information Resources

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