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Ph.D., Educational Studies, Lesley University

Domain of Study:

Group, Organizational and Socio-Political Systems


Authority, Leadership, and Peacemaking: The Role of the Diasporas


M.S.W., Smith College School for Social Work


A.B., cum laude, Brandeis University

Certificates and Specialized Training

  • Certification in Analytic-Network Coaching System™

  • Certification in Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP-I, CDP 360)

  • Certificate in eLearning, Northeastern University

  • Certification in Bar-On Emotional Intelligence Inventory, Multi-Health Systems    

  • Certificate in Community Mediation, Metropolitan Mediation Services, Brookline, MA

  • Certificate in Organization Development and Human Resource Consultation, Boston Institute for Psychotherapy, Inc.

  • Certificate in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Boston Institute for Psychotherapy, Inc. 

Additional Training in

  • Systems Psychodynamics (Group Relations/Tavistock Approach)

  • Systems-Centered theory and practice (Yvonne Agazarian, Ph.D.) 

  • Anti-racism and Multiculturalism (Visions, Inc.)

  • Immunity to Change Facilitators’ Workshop

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) (Practice Teaching Intensive at U Mass Medical School)

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Tracy Wallach, Ph.D.

Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant Senior Lecturer at University of Massachusetts Boston

Tracy Wallach & Associates



  • Peer Reviewed Journals
    Wallach, T. (2019) What do Participants Learn at Group Relations Conferences: A report on a conference series on the theme of Authority, Power and Justice. Organizational and Social Dynamics 19(1), 1-20. Wallach, T. (2014). What Do Participants Learn at Group Relations Conferences?. Organizational and Social Dynamics, 14(1), 13-38. Wallach, T. (2013). Teaching group dynamics: An international perspective. The Journal of Pedagogy, Pluralism, and Practice, V (1). Wallach, T. (2012). Authority, Leadership and Peacemaking: The Role of the Diasporas: The Intersection of the Personal and the Political in a Group Relations Conference. Organizational and Social Dynamics, 12(2). 171-193. Wallach, T. (2004). Transforming conflict: A group relations perspective. Peace and Conflict Studies, 11(1), 76-95. Wallach, T. (1994). Gender and competition in group psychotherapy. Group, 1 (1), 29-36.
  • Book Chapter
    Wallach, T. (2006). Conflict transformation: A group relations perspective. In M. Fitzduff & C. E. Stout (Eds.), The psychology of resolving global conflicts: From war to peace (Vol. 1, pp. 285-306). U.K.: Praeger Security International.
  • Other
    Wallach, T. (2011). Authority, Leadership and Peacemaking: The Role of the Diasporas. NSGP Newsletter, 32 (2), 12. Wallach, T. (2002). Leadership and dialogue in conditions of uncertainty: A view from the outside, published online at Track 3 Connections.
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