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I help leaders and aspiring leaders develop the emotional intelligence, people skills  and resilience required to create healthy, functional and ethical workplaces.


Leadership for Change

is a self-paced program for people at all levels of an organization who want to have a greater impact. It includes videos and exercises to help you gain greater awareness, clarity, and understanding of:

  • your purpose and role

  • your own behavior

  • your leadership approach & its impact on others

  • how you respond to and take up authority

  • how you operate in systems


is for leaders who want the accountability of individual coaching sessions. You will have access to all the videos and exercises available in the Leadership for Change curriculum, plus individual sessions to take your insights and learning to a deeper level.


Group Coaching and facilitation

helps teams align around their tasks and roles, develop a common language, manage conflict, and build greater trust and collaboration, Group coaching services include access to the Leadership for Change curriculum.

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