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  • Develop leadership, responsibility and commitment throughout an organization

  • Enhance self-awareness and mindfulness of individual leaders

  • Improve individual and team performance

  • Increase understanding of systems dynamics (structures and processes) on the individual, as well as the role of the individual within the system


  • Registered Analytic Network ™ Coach

  • Design and implement Leadership Development programs taking Eco-Leadership and Systems Psychodynamic approaches

  • Coach groups of leaders from across the organization to explore purpose and role

  • Coach intact work teams to develop task and role clarity

  • Incorporate principles of Mindfulness and MBSR into leadership development

  • Thought partnership

  • Interview colleagues, subordinates and superiors to assess your leadership strengths and challenges. (360° custom qualitative feedback)

  • Work collaboratively with individual leaders to create a development plan, based on 360° feedback and individual goals


“Now I feel more assertive in what I want, able to deal with change better. My attitude towards life—even in my personal life— is different. I am looking at things differently. I feel more of a leader—my subordinates come to me for advice. Before I did most of the work—now I delegate effectively. Because of the course, when I am in difficult situations, I remember that there are other ways of dealing with crises.”

Judith Butagira

Country Director, Marie Stopes International—Uganda

"Dr. Tracy Wallach brings a strong breadth of knowledge of group dynamics and relations to her class. She is very passionate about the subject matter and genuinely wants her students to understand the material. She was always willing to help students when needed and encouraged them to engage with her."

Student in Advanced Integration of Self & System

William James College

“This is such an important course, particularly for those of us working in groups professionally or academically. Everything I learned in this course has helped me in the anti-racism work I am engaged in. It also gave me a different perspective for looking at groups and how they work or don't work. I will take what I learned and use it forever!.”

Student in Leadership & Organizations class: Gender, Leadership & Public Policy Program

University of Massachusetts, Boston

Experience &


  • 30 years experience facilitating change with individuals, small groups, and systems as psychotherapist, organizational consultant, and educator

  • Certification in Analytic-Network Coaching System™

  • 20 years experience consulting at group relations (Tavistock) conferences

  • Over 15 years experience designing and delivering academic courses in leadership, organizational behavior, organizational diagnosis and change, leadership ethics

  • Designed and delivered leadership programs for organizations 

  • Provide shadow consulting and coaching to doctoral level organizational development students in practicum

  • Past President, Center for the Study of Groups and Social Systems

  • Associate, A.K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems     

  • Certification in Bar-On Emotional Intelligence Inventory, Multi-Health Systems 

  • Ph.D. focus on Group, Organizational and Socio-Political Systems

  • Additional training with Systems Centered theory and practice (Yvonne Agazarian)

  • Training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

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