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Public Speaking



  • Teach/demonstrate concepts to help groups and organizations develop a shared language

  • Develop systems thinking in groups and organizations

  • Develop individual and organizational capacity for self-reflection


  • Design and delivery of highly experiential Leadership courses, workshops, and seminars to engage participants on emotional and intellectual levels. Short lectures delivered a-synchronously in online format, accompanied by live coaching (F2F or remote)

  • Pre-recorded webinars are available on my YouTube Channel, Group Relations: Theory and Practice 

Videos are organized into 4 different series

    • Group Relations Basics: short videos describing the basic theoretical underpinnings of group relations or systems psychodynamics theory (also known as Tavistock theory). This includes lectures on open systems theory and BART, defense mechanisms, and basic assumptions (the work of Wilfred Bion). Also included is an introduction to the group relations conference, and a description of my research findings on participant learning at group relations conferences.

    • Adaptive Leadership series: short videos providing an overview of adaptive leadership (which has roots in group relations theory and methods); organizational culture, and stakeholder analysis.

    • Role Analysis series: These short videos provide instructions for conducting different forms of role analysis within a group relations conference or in an organization.

    • Eco-Leadership series: This series provides an overview of Simon Western’s seminal research on leadership and coaching. Videos include an overview of the four leadership paradigms or discourses; a summary of the new eco-leadership paradigm; and an introduction to Analytic-Network coaching.

    • Coming soon: A series on Applied Systems Thinking, which will apply systems psychodynamic and eco-leadership thinking to pressing public policy and organizational issues. If you are an expert in a particular policy area from a systems perspective, and  interested in collaborating, please contact me (button)

  • My new Leadership Coaching Program for Progressive Activists and Change Agents. Learn more here.

   Coming Soon:

  • June 16, 2022: will be presenting at the Charlotte area chapter of the Association for Talent Development in Charlotte, NC. For more info, contact:


“Tracy is an excellent professor and does a great job of demonstrating key concepts during the optional class sessions. The coursework and discussions were also incredibly applicable for day-to- day work and meant to benefit us in meaningful ways. .” 

Student in Leadership & Organizations class, Gender, Leadership & Public Policy Program

 University of Massachusetts, Boston

"Dr. Tracy Wallach brings a strong breadth of knowledge of group dynamics and relations to her class. She is very passionate about the subject matter and genuinely wants her students to understand the material. She was always willing to help students when needed and encouraged them to engage with her."

Student in Advanced Integration of Self & System

William James College

"The course topics were incredibly useful and relevant. I felt like I could apply the concepts learned immediately. Prof. Wallach was very knowledgeable and explained things well. I appreciated her teaching style and genuine interest in the material and in her students. She was great about feedback. Having the optional Zoom meetings was very beneficial to the class. It allowed us to learn the concepts better, connect with our classmates, and to build a better relationship with the instructor. I truly enjoyed Prof. Wallach's class and hope to be able to take further classes with her. "

Student in Leadership & Organizations class, Gender, Leadership & Public Policy Program

University of Massachusetts, Boston

Experience &


  • Designed and delivered training programs for organizations to build leadership and systems awareness to improve team functioning

  • Designed and taught graduate level classes in organizational diagnosis and change

  • Presented at professional conferences on my research, as well as topics of group and systems dynamics, managing conflict, effective communication, working with difficult people

For a list of previous and upcoming engagements, go HERE

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