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Business People Mingling


Community Engagement



  • Help single groups or multiple stakeholder groups develop shared vision and purpose

  • Produce greater clarity about group vision, purpose, strategy and goals


  • Custom designed retreats and planning processes for single and multiple stakeholders

  • Listening Post and Social Dreaming Matrix (SDM) methodologies

  • Modified group relations conference structures for bringing together multiple systems

  • Future Search

  • Stakeholder Analysis


“Enterprise Information Resources is a growing software company. I was looking for additional ways to communicate to my management team on what my expectations are as we continue expanding in the marketplace. The end goal was to brainstorm and enhance an already established communication skills between departments. Tracy designed, organized, and facilitated a management retreat for that purpose. It was an outstanding success. I heard from my Managers, (team leaders), that this was the most helpful one-day meeting they had ever attended. It translated into management working even better together, being clearer and more supportive of each other’s roles. Working as a team is very important to us, and everyone was impressed on how Tracy was able to build on what we thought was strong. Tracy is a brilliant facilitator and organization consultant. I value her perspective on the many group dynamics issues I face as President of a growing organization serving large Fortune 500 customers.”

France Lampron

President, Enterprise Information Resources

Experience &


  • Training and experience in facilitation of large group interventions, such as Future Search or Appreciative Inquiry

  • 30 years experience facilitating change with individuals, small groups, and systems as psychotherapist, organizational consultant, and educator

  • 20 years experience consulting at group relations (Tavistock) conferences

  • Custom designed retreats and planning processes for single and multiple stakeholders

*If you are a social justice organization (broadly defined) and are interested in help designing and facilitating meetings for your team, or bringing together larger gatherings of multiple stakeholder groups for purposes of networking, organizing or planning, please contact me about discounted rates.

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